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This book is a result of a workshop between Geidai University and die Angewandte. It’s about cultural differences, fun, Käsekrainer and overheard subway chatter. It’s also about Punschkrapfen, although we didn’t have any. It’s about Vienna as we experienced it.


You can walk through some of Vienna’s districts with us, have some Ottakringer beer and listen to public transport conversations I wrote down in form of haiku. Feel free to join us on our stroll.


“house is want to go back” is an attempt to explain the logic of Japanese language to someone who has never learned Japanese (me).

There is an English translation for all the haiku in German and Russian at the end of the book (in a not-really-a-haiku-anymore form).

This book is a result of a workshop between Klasse für Ideen of the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Tokyo University of the Arts of Geidai. The workshop took place in Vienna in June 2018. 


A big thank you to all partisipants: Akiko Yabumoto, Ayaka Endo, Katsu Hiro, Megumi Imai, Misaki Nishikura, Norio Taniguchi, Satoko Shinya, Balazs Pusztai, Bastian Moosburger, Isabella Nießl, Tessa Sima and Verena Repar and to the teachers: Kazutoshi Oshimoto, Kei Matsushita, Sunao Maruyama, Matthias Spaetgens and Sven Ingmar Thies.

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